Gear Finder Tool

To help consumers find what ski is best for them, I am working on a gear finder tool for K2 Sports. 

Starting with a user and wireframe flow chart, I collaborated with the web team to identify the path the user would take to find the ski best suited for him or her.

Through my research and consulting the marketing and customer service departments, I determined that several components were needed to make this gear finder more useful than traditional product finders on the web:

  • The option to easily change an answer, without backtracking to the question page
  • Easily accessible information to clarify terminology or concepts for less savvy skiers
  • Social proof showing the user's perfect ski in action
  • The ability to save, print, and share results

After blocking out the questions and steps the user will take, I created wirefames and a clickable prototype the demonstrate the tool's functionality.

Now, I am working on styling the pages and creating UI elements and icons.